Core Facilities

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Generation

Jian Feng, director of the Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Generation facility.

We help investigators generate induced pluripotent stem cells from human skin fibroblasts using lentiviral vectors delivering five reprogramming factors (Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, c-Myc and Nanog).

The end user is responsible for providing primary skin fibroblasts at an early passage.

We reprogram the cells to iPSC and perform characterization by PCR and immunostaining, and return the iPSC lines to you.

Variations of service may be developed on a collaborative basis, such as using cells from other species or other cell types. Interested investigators should contact the facility director for technical details.

We also train users to develop iPSC lines for basic and translational research.

Functions of this facility include:

  • generation of iPS cells from skin fibroblasts provided by an end user
  • preliminary testing of iPS cells to ensure pluripotency, including morphology, RT-PCR of pluripotency genes and immunostaining of pluripotency markers. (Detailed characterization, such as karyotyping, EB differentiation assay and teratoma formation assay are the responsibility of the end user.)
  • development of technology related to reprogramming somatic cells to iPS cells that keeps pace with the current technology in iPSC derivation and develops robust methods that can be routinely used to generate iPSC

This core facility is one of four stem cell research facilities maintained by WNYSTEM.


Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
955 Main Street, Suite 3120
Buffalo, NY 14203-1121

Contact Information

Feng, Jian

Jian Feng, PhD

UB Distinguished Professor

955 Main Street, Room 3148 Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 829-2345; Fax: 716-829-2699