Recent Publications and Grants

Engaged in diverse basic, translational and clinical research, our faculty routinely publish in prestigious journals and successfully compete for major grants from national funders.

Recent Publications

Research Grants

  • NIH NCATS ASPIRE Design Award. Ram Samudrala (Principal Investigator). NIH. $100,000. 9/1/2019-1/1/2030.
  • NIH NCATS ASPIRE Reduction-to-Practice Award. Ram Samudrala (Co-Principal Investigator). NCATS. $1,220,000. 8/1/2021-1/1/2030.
  • Residency Training in Mental and Behavioral Health (PCTE-RTMB). Andrew Symons (Co-Principal Investigator). Health Resources and Services Administration. $2,500,000. 1/1/2023-12/1/2028.
  • Investigating the Action and Physiological Role of Slc4a11 in the Cornea. Mark Parker (Principal Investigator). NIH National Eye Institute. 1/1/2018-9/1/2028.
  • Therapeutic targeting of master regulators in non-canonical AR driven advanced lethal prostate cancers. Wilma Hofmann (Co-Investigator). NIH/NCI. 8/1/2023-7/1/2028.
  • VA Merit Review, 2IO1BX002659, Preventing and Reversing Interstitial Fibrosis in HFpEF. John Canty, Jr. (Principal Investigator). Department of Veterans Affairs. $709,984. 7/1/2020-6/1/2028.
  • Prognostic analysis and progression modeling of basal-like breast cancer using multiregion sequencing. Yijun Sun (Principal Investigator). NIH. $3,159,483. 6/1/2023-6/1/2028.
  • The Role of the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis-Norepinephrine System in Amphetamine-type Stimulant Use Disorders. Jinwoo Park (Principal Investigator). NIH/NIDA. $3,225,662. 9/1/2023-6/1/2028.
  • NIH/NIAID (Morse) HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial Unit. Andrew Talal (Co-Principal Investigator). 12/1/2013-4/1/2028.
  • Regulatory mechanisms for retinal ganglion cell genesis. Xiuqian Mu (Principal Investigator). National Eye Institute. $2,311,139. 8/1/2023-4/1/2028.
  • Mid-scale RI-2: Compact X-ray Free-Electron Laser Project. Thomas Grant (Co-Investigator). National Science Foundation. $91,000,000. 3/1/2023-2/1/2028.
  • Epigenetics-Based Autism Treatment with Animal Models and Human Stem Cells. Zhen Yan (Principal Investigator). NINDS/NIH. $3,088,565. 2/1/2023-1/1/2028.
  • A Ribozyme Rescue Strategy for Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration. John Sullivan (Principal Investigator). VA Central Office. $330,000. 1/1/2025-12/1/2027.
  • Exercise Reset for Concussion - Modifying the Buffalo Concussion Protocol for Application in a Military Environment. John Leddy (Principal Investigator). Department of Defense (CDMRP). 1/1/2023-12/1/2027.
  • NIH Application R01-HD108253-01A1 “The Impact of Hormonal Modulation on Systemic Inflammation and Central Sensitization”. Robert Taylor (Co-Investigator). NICHD. 11/1/2022-12/1/2027.