Basic Sciences Research

The research interests of our basic sciences faculty span essentially all of the modern biomedical sciences and involve many multidisciplinary collaborations with our school’s physician-scientists.

Student researcher working in a Microbiology lab.

Our research programs share the common goal of seeking to understand how cells and organisms function, including how they may respond to environmental signals, change during development or be disrupted in disease. We pursue this understanding at levels ranging from the atomic to the integrated system.

While different faculty members and their students may use distinct approaches to answering these questions, the strategies and techniques that they use are both overlapping and complementary.

We employ the most cutting-edge tools of molecular, cellular, structural and computational biology in our work.

Areas of Collaboration

Our community of scientists  interact through school- and/or university-wide thematic groups, including:

These multidisciplinary and interdepartmental groups enrich our training by providing students the opportunity for regular contact with faculty and student colleagues throughout the biological and biomedical community in Buffalo, in addition to everyday contact with faculty and students in their home department.

These groups sponsor seminars, workshops and symposia open to all interested researchers. Most of the research done by group members involves direct collaboration with graduate students.