SCoRe – Scalable Computing Research Group

We accelerate scientific discovery and innovation by leveraging advanced cyberinfrastructures that enable fast, accurate exploration of large-scale biological and biomedical data.

Our group combines expertise in computer science and computational biology to develop innovative, efficient and scalable algorithms for genomic, metagenomic and medical data analysis.

Examples of our work include:

  • long-read DNA assembly
  • 16S rRNA clustering
  • distributed biological data storage
  • multivalent peptide vaccines design
  • probabilistic graphical models for gene expression and medical records analysis

Responding to the computational and data challenges posed by the life sciences, our group designs algorithms, data structures and implementations that scale from multi- and many-core desktops to petascale systems and beyond.

Resources and Equipment

We have exclusive access to a 520-core InfiniBand computational cluster with 1.66 terabytes of RAM and 2 terabytes of backed-up disk storage.

UB’s Center for Computational Research hosts and manages this cluster.

Training Opportunities

Our group offers opportunities for trainees from undergraduate students to postdoctoral associates.

Working in our group increases your competence in high-performance computing and multiple data analytics techniques for the life sciences.

Graduate students and postdoctoral associates conduct supervised research. Undergraduate students shadow senior colleagues and complete tasks within research projects.

You’ll also build your knowledge by participating in weekly group discussions and research presentations.


Jaroslaw Zola

Assistant Professor

Department of Biomedical Informatics

77 Goodell Street, UB Gateway, Office 540B, Buffalo, NY 14203-1243

Phone: (716) 645-3187



Davis Hall, Office 336, and UB Gateway, Office 540B
Buffalo, NY 14203