Special Teaching Sessions

Residents and Mercy Flight helicopter.

In addition to the core curriculum, EM residents will participate in special sessions scheduled in lieu of grand rounds lectures. This gives them the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practice in real-world type settings.

Some of these sessions are held during resident orientation month with special training sessions in EMS, Mercy Flight, Ultrasound and ACLS courses.

Some of the special sessions throughout the year are listed below:

Neonatal Resuscitation

Neonatal Emergency Transport Team ride alongs/Neonatal Resusciatation sim/training days

EMS Base Station Course

The Erie County Fire Training Academy is held during orientation month for incoming residents.

Emergency Vehicle Operations Training

This is held during beginning of EM2 year.

Cadaver Lab

The Department of Emergency Medicine provides an annual opportunity for residents in the second year of training to develop cognitive and motor skills in a wide range of procedures, including: thoracotomy, cricothyrotomy, central line placement and arthrocentesis, to name a few. This procedural cadaver lab is held at the anatomy laboratory of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo. It includes small group practice, discussion, and background materials. The faculty of the Department of Emergency Medicine provide guidance and feedback for this exercise. It has proved to be an especially popular activity for the residents.

Mercy Flight

Residents have the opportunity to fly with Mercy Flight, a local air medical helicopter service, during their EMS rotation. Residents completing the EMS scholarly track may choose to spend additional time with Mercy Flight. An orientation is scheduled for all residents at the start of their EM-2 year.

Simulation Training

Simulation training allows the resident to gain "real-world" experience, with critical decision-making in a time-sensitive environment. The resident will gain a better understanding of the outcome of those decisions in a controlled environment, managing clinical cases using a simulation mannequin.

Grand Rounds Cold Weather Emergency and Outdoor Winter Sports Injury Training

Held annually at Kissing Bridge Ski Resort, Glenwood, N.Y. (approximately 1/2 hour from Buffalo) Covers topics such as cold injury and emergencies, outdoor emergency care, and hands-on immobilization/stabilization “on the hill.”

Coast Guard Rescue and Cold Water Emergencies, Erie Basin Marina

Real-world experience in water emergencies provided by the Coast Guard.

Procedure Lab

Held during the orientation month for incoming residents. This lab involves central line placement, endotracheal intubation, thoracostomy, IO placement, etc.

EMS Special Sessions

Annual EMS Grand Rounds sessions include specialized sessions such as auto extrication and firefighting skills.

Ultrasound Lab

Held during the orientation month for incoming residents. Interns will receive training on how to use the ultrasound machines and develop basic skills on which they can improve throughout their residency.

Difficult Airway Course

Held once each year in lieu of Grand Rounds, residents will practice different techniques to enhance their skills for patients with difficult airways.