Clinical Rotations

During the three years of training, residents spend a lot of their time in the ED, although during their first and second year they complement their ED training by rotating on other specialty services in a wide variety of hospital settings. This better prepares the resident for future employment in various practices and environments.

Residents also rotate with SMART (Specialized Medical Assistance Response Team). This prehospital care team supplements the regional emergency medical services, fire and law enforcement agencies in the response to prolonged or unusual out-of-hospital patient situations.

Clinical curriculum is reinforced by weekly conference. All didactic activities are on the same day, and residents are excused from clinical activities to participate.

Rotations outside the emergency department are designed to complement training in the emergency department.

Intensive care rotations provide experience in management of critical illness in both children and adults.

Other rotations are focused on the major clinical areas encountered in the emergency department with training in initial and definitive trauma care occurring during all three years of training.

Elective time is provided to allow residents to explore areas of special interest. Experience in the emergency medicine subspecialty areas of emergency medical services and toxicology are required.

Sports medicine is available as an elective experience.


  • Orientation (BGMC/ECMC)
  • Emergency Medicine #1 (BGMC)
  • Emergency Medicine #2 (ECMC)
  • Emergency Medicine #3* (VA)
  • Pediatric ED* (OCH)
  • Pediatric ED (OCH)
  • DeGraff Memorial Hospital #4 (DMH)
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology (OCH)
  • Medical ICU (BGMC)
  • Trauma (ECMC)
  • Ultrasound/Telemedicine* (ECMC)
  • Anesthesiology* (OCH)
  • Cardiovascular ICU (BGMC)


  • Emergency Medicine #1 * (BGMC)
  • Emergency Medicine #2* (ECMC)
  • Emergency Medicine #3* (MSFH)
  • Emergency Medicine #4 (BGMC)
  • Toxicology/EMS* (ECMC)
  • Pediatric ED (OCH)
  • Pediatric ICU (OCH)
  • Orthopedics (ECMC)
  • Trauma ICU (ECMC)
  • Elective (TBA)
  • Emergency Medicine #5 (ECMC)
  • Emergency Medicine #6 (VA)


* — Vacation module (1 week)
** — As an EM3, your pediatric shifts will be divided throughout your adult ED months with a goal of 2-3 children’s shifts/month
*** — Senior residents at the VA will act as junior attendings during their shifts; this is also a vacation module

Training Sites

Your training will take place at the following hospitals. The abbreviated name for the hospital is listed after the name of the rotation.