Public Health

Residents have the unique opportunity to interact with local and state health officials and participate in meetings, conferences, planning, drills and exercises, as well as actual responses to public health events and emergencies. 

University at Buffalo EMS fellows and emergency medicine residents serving under the Specialized Medical Assistance Response Team (SMART) umbrella are typically the first response arm of the Erie County Department of Health.

Residents interested in an even more intense public health experience can select the public health scholarly track to satisfy their research activity requirement. This experience includes rotations in core public health areas including: communicable disease control, community health, environmental health, medical examiner and public health administration.

The University at Buffalo also has a School of Public Health and Health Professions that offers many additional public health opportunities such as an MPH degree to emergency medicine residents.


Anthony Billittier, IV, MD, has been an attending emergency physician in Buffalo since 1991, and served as the Commissioner of Health for Erie County, NY from 2000 to 2012. His experience presents a unique opportunity for residents to develop a strong working knowledge of public health, especially as it interfaces with the practice of emergency medicine.

Billittier, Anthony

Anthony Billittier, MD

Associate Professor

Erie County Medical Center

Phone: 898-3525