Medical Students

We’ll augment your education by strengthening your understanding of renal conditions, providing opportunities to attend conferences and enabling you to participate in research.

Internal Medicine Clerkship

As a medical student embarking on your internal medicine clerkship, you’ll learn to integrate basic science topics into clinical knowledge. 

Through renal workshop sessions, members of our division will help you acquire the information and clinical skills you need to understand common nephrology conditions and diseases in adult patients. 

Elective Rotation

If you undertake a renal elective, you’ll have opportunities to learn from our faculty and fellows when you participate in our renal consultative services and work as part of our Med-D team on our inpatient renal service.

Our faculty will help you deepen your knowledge about the diagnosis and management of renal diseases, including:

  • acute and chronic renal failure
  • fluid and electrolyte abnormalities
  • acute and chronic hypertensive problems

Embarking on a renal elective will give you opportunities to sharpen your skills in evaluating patients with these conditions.

Medical students can choose one of the following electives:


Our conferences and lecture series — which expose you to new and important topics in renal medicine — underpin the experiences you gain during your renal elective and help you stay current on important developments in the field of nephrology.

We encourage medical students to participate in our:

Research Opportunities

Our faculty will teach you the fundamentals of conducting scientific investigations and provide you with the skills you need to excel as a researcher.