Cirous Sadeghi, MD; Jon R. Von Visger, MD, PhD.

Residents like Cirous Sadeghi, MD (left), strengthen their understanding of renal medicine when they undertake research and electives with Jon R. Von Visger, MD, PhD.

As a resident, you’ll find that our division provides you with the knowledge, clinical opportunities and research mentorship you need to begin a productive career.

Residency Elective

Our division prioritizes the quality of your training. As a resident undertaking our elective in nephrology, you’ll gain experience working with patients who have conditions across the spectrum of renal medicine, and you’ll learn from attentive experts. 


Locations:  Erie County Medical Center and Buffalo VA Medical Center 

You will learn about the pathogenesis, clinical presentation, treatment modalities and prognosis of the full range of diseases in both didactic and clinical settings, including end-stage renal disease, acute and chronic renal failure, tubulointerstitial diseases and glomerulonephritis. You will also gain proficiency with diagnostic testing and monitoring methods key to the discipline of nephrology.


Our lecture series and conferences complement your clinical training and help you keep abreast of new research in and beyond our department.

Our meetings give you opportunities to discuss cases you see in your elective rotation, and they teach you about the principles of caring for patients with a range of kidney diseases.

As a resident, you can augment your training by attending our:

These meetings feature presentations delivered by our fellows, divisional faculty and other invited speakers.

Research Opportunities

Many of our faculty conduct groundbreaking studies, and we invite residents to explore the research opportunities in our division.

Residents have participated in research areas including:

  • cardiovascular risk factors after renal transplantation
  • the care of elderly patients with chronic kidney disease
  • valuation of renal transplant programs for incarcerated patients with end-stage renal disease
  • the role of renal transplantation in patients with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis
  • interventions to reduce clinical inertia in cardiac risk factor management in renal transplant recipients