Clinical Case Conferences

You'll focus on using actual patient data to identify renal problems at this clinically oriented conference. 

Over the two years of your fellowship training, our clinical case conference will cover the full spectrum of core curriculum and basic science topics in nephrology. 

You'll select cases to present from the current renal service roster, and we'll analyze the clinical features and discuss renal physiology.

We'll familiarize you with renal imaging films, and you'll interpret laboratory data and other diagnostic studies in the context of patient cases. We'll also discuss pertinent literature updates on renal disorders and help solidify your knowledge about challenging dialysis problems and transplantation issues you may encounter during our renal consult service rotation.

Residents and medical students on the renal elective give presentations at our clinical case conferences; as a fellow in our program, you'll have opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills by using your own experience to augment their training.