Ernesto Leon Velarde Carreno, MD; Ishwor Sharma, MD.

“Rotations in this program cover everything we need to know. Members of the faculty are there to support us and lead by example,” says fellow Ernesto Leon Velarde Carreno, MD (left), here with fellow Ishwor Sharma, MD.

Rotations in our fellowship ensure that your training is well-rounded and enable you to learn from expert physicians in a variety of clinical settings.

  • 4/1/15
    Strengthen your knowledge of renal replacement therapies by gaining experience with hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
  • 1/25/18
    Master the fundamentals of consultative care and nephrology in an intensive care unit setting.
  • 4/27/15
    Build in-depth knowledge about the multifaceted methodologies of renal transplantation as you evaluate and manage transplant patients.
  • 4/27/15
    Gain leadership experience as you teach trainees. Establish your position as a nephrology specialist as you take a more independent role in patient management.