Message from the Program Director

James Farry, MD.

“We strive to provide you with rewarding clinical training, research opportunities and teaching experience,” says program director James Farry, MD.

Our attentive faculty, leading-edge curriculum and stimulating research opportunities form a rewarding learning environment that will thoroughly prepare you for subspecialty practice in nephrology.

Our alumni report that our collegial, balanced program makes for a beneficial training experience. I invite you to explore the benefits and advantages our fellowship has to offer.

Gain Mentored Experiences, Independent Learning

Our faculty will make themselves readily available to you throughout your time in our program, but we’ll help you focus on working toward becoming an independent practitioner.

We’ll give you opportunities to act a primary renal provider for patients. For instance, training in our continuity clinics will give you experience playing an active role in patient management. With the guidance of one of our attending physicians, you will act as the primary renal caregiver for your own panel of patients. 

Pursue Your Interests

Training in our fellowship is tailored to your unique needs. We give you freedom to select electives that fit your interests and goals.

Choose from our extensive electives covering areas including interventional techniques, imaging modalities and pediatric care. 

Immerse Yourself in Diverse Conferences and Lectures

Our didactic curriculum will enhance your training with specialized coverage of key areas — including dialysis, transplantation and renal pathology — while helping you keep abreast of new research.

We invite nationally recognized guest speakers to present at some of our conferences, exposing you to new ideas and current advances.

These meetings are valuable learning opportunities because they will impel you to reflect on the multitude of ways the topics at hand integrate into clinical experiences.

Benefit From Different Clinical Settings

When you graduate, you’ll be well prepared to succeed in any clinical environment. 

Our affiliation with a variety of clinical sites means that we can select the ideal environment for your training — from a regional center for kidney care to a specialized dialysis facility.

Moreover, we ensure that you always have access to the learning tools you need. Each hospital is equipped with complete pathology, laboratory, radiology and nuclear imaging facilities.

We strive to provide you with rewarding clinical training, research opportunities and teaching experience. Take a look around our website, and feel free to contact me with questions.


James K. Farry, MD
Program Director