Renal Pathology Conference

Gain familiarity with renal biopsies and learn about the latest treatment protocols for renal diseases. 

You'll have opportunities to present clinical data on the patients you see during rotations and learn about your fellow trainees' patients at our renal pathology conference. Our pathologists will give you an in-depth presentation of renal biopsy slides.

Faculty members who present at our renal pathology conference discuss their clinical experiences with a variety of renal diseases and advise on current therapeutic modalities used to manage these diseases. 

To help you reinforce the knowledge you gain early on in our renal pathology meetings, we'll discuss patient follow-ups and updates at subsequent meetings, emphasizing:

  • treatment results
  • further clinical developments and complications
  • progression of renal dysfunction

Faculty from our affiliated teaching hospitals — as well as nephrologists in private practice — attend our renal pathology conference, giving you opportunities to learn from experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences.