Transplant Conference

Expand your knowledge of renal transplantation as you interact with a multidisciplinary team of transplant experts.

Our transplant conference brings together nephrologists, surgeons, organ procurement and transplant coordinators to discuss advancements in medical science, developments in patient care and topics pertinent to pre- and post-operative treatment.

We'll help you gain familiarity with kidney transplantation through informal, interactive group discussions and formal lectures. 

To diversify your training, we invite physician-scientists from other specialties to provide expertise in related areas. For instance, you may have opportunities to learn about infections in transplant patients when infectious disease specialists participate in our conference.

Opportunities to Present

You will present at our transplant conference at least once during the second year of our fellowship. 

Your experiences in our renal transplant rotation will help you understand the literature about renal transplantation and enable you to participate in this conference.