Alumni Careers

Throughout the world, our graduates and trainees hold positions in industry, government and higher education.

  • Postdoctoral Trainees
    Our postdoctoral scholars land high-profile biomedical careers in various areas, including biology, surgery, periodontics and antiviral development. They hold tenured academic and leadership positions at major universities, government agencies and private-sector firms across the nation and beyond. They have excelled as researchers, educators and administrators.
  • PhD
    Many of our PhD graduates advance to fellowships in major laboratories, including those of the National Institutes of Health, the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes and universities. Several opt for careers in the private sector, working for biomedical research firms or medical or laboratory product companies. Some take less traditional career paths, e.g., pursuing intellectual property law or building their own biotechnology firms.
  • Master’s
    Our master’s graduates often advance to PhD programs in the biomedical sciences or pursue clinical training. Several are conducting research in public and private labs, including those affiliated with the National Institutes of Health. Others are contributing their expertise in medical research, biotechnology, higher education and science writing positions.