Our master’s graduates often advance to PhD programs in the biomedical sciences or pursue clinical training. Several are conducting research in public and private labs, including those affiliated with the National Institutes of Health. Others are contributing their expertise in medical research, biotechnology, higher education and science writing positions.


  Mentor Position
Hussain Odeh
John Panepinto, PhD  


  Mentor Position
Amanda Zunic
Thomas Melendy, PhD Laboratory Technician
Gregory Harrison
Laurie K. Read, PhD


  Mentor Position
Brianna Tylec                     
Laurie K. Read, PhD Research Technician II, University at Buffalo


  Mentor Position
Jay Leipheimer Tilman Baumstark, PhD PhD candidate at the University at Buffalo
Jesse Park Tilman Baumstark, PhD  
Stephanie Tzetzo Tilman Baumstark, PhD PhD candidate at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center


  Mentor Position
Sarah Blair John Panepinto, PhD Senior research support specialist in the Department of Medicine/Rheumatology at SUNY Upstate
Thomas Corrielus John Panepinto, PhD Pharmacy technician, Boston, MA
Louise Galuski Timothy Murphy, MD  
Jessica Kosanovich Elizabeth Wohlfert, PhD Research technician in the Dept. of Pharmacy and Therapeutics, University of Pittsburgh


  Mentor Position
Intan Dewi John Panepinto, PhD Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center, The Netherlands
Ravi Holani John Panepinto, PhD PhD candidate, Veterinary Medicine Graduate Program, University of Calgary


  Mentor Position
Bianca Barbara Diaz Aguilar   PhD student, University of Texas – Houston/MD Andersen Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Joseph Golebiowski Anders Hakansson, PhD Microbiology and biochemist, Milwaukee, Wis.


  Mentor Position
Charity McManaman Anders Hakansson, PhD National Institutes of Health


  Mentor Position 
Kurtis Downey Nejat K. Egilmez, PhD Physician assistant education program


  Mentor Position
Jaya Goswami Anthony A. Campagnari, PhD Postdoctoral fellow in pediatrics, University of Maryland School of Medicine 
Eileen Stocum Anthony A. Campagnari, PhD Physician assistant, FDR Medical Group


  Mentor Position
Archana Monie Michael W. Russell, PhD Researcher, Cervical Cancer Research Lab of Drs. T.-C. Wu and Chien-Fu Hung, Johns Hopkins University


  Mentor Position
Alma Velayo Noreen Williams, PhD Internal medicine resident, Summa Western Reserve Hospital


  Mentor Position
Ruibin Liang Noreen Williams, PhD  
Gretchen Siebert Noreen Williams, PhD Health services proposal writer, Healthnow New York, Inc., Orchard Park, N.Y.
Natalie Warholic Noreen Williams, PhD Principal research associate, Epizyme, Boston
Xiang Zhuang Noreen Williams, PhD

Manager, QZ/QC, Life Technologies, Boston



  Mentor Position
Lucille Cucco V. James Hernandez, PhD Assistant professor of biology, Lehigh Carbon Community College, Schnecksville, Pa.