Current Postdoctoral Scholars

  • 4/23/18
    My research goal is to characterize and understanding how F-box proteins function in Toxoplasma gondii. Our knowledge about this class of proteins in the parasitology field is vastly unexplored. Therefore, completion of this goal will unveil novel molecular mechanisms that are present in T. gondii but absent in humans.
  • 7/16/18
    The major goal of my research is to determine how mRNA degradation contributes to reprogramming the actively translating pool of transcripts during host temperature stress to promote adaptation in the fungal pathogen, Cryptococcus neoformans.
  • 8/28/18
    Periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) is a devastating outcome of total joint arthroplasty that gives rise to increased patient morbidity and rising costs to the health care system. PJI can develop clinically, even in the presence of antibiotic treatment, and antibiotic resistance of bacterial biofilms limits the effectiveness of available treatment methods for implant-associated orthopaedic infections. The current treatment for refractory joint infections involves removal of the implant, debridement of the tissue, immobilization of the patient and prolonged antibiotic therapy.
  • 12/2/19
    My research focuses on the importance in vivo of the oxygen (O) sensors on the parasite Toxoplasma gondii adaptability to the different levels of O in the tissues, during its complex life cycle in the infected host.
  • 4/2/18
    My project aims at deciphering the mechanism of action of a critical Trypanosoma brucei RNA binding protein, DRBD18 and determine how arginine methylation impacts its interactions and functions.
  • 4/2/18
    My project involves the delineation of mechanisms through which Rab proteins — Ras-like GTPases — regulate secretory and endocytic trafficking in trypanosomes. 
  • 8/13/18
    The major goal of my research is to determine the mechanisms by which the African protozoan parasite Trypanosoma brucei is able to differentially edit several mitochondrial transcripts between the two major developmental forms of the parasite that are found in the tsetse fly insect vector and in the mammalian bloodstream.
  • 10/30/18
    The overall goal of my research is to characterize age-driven changes in the host neutrophil (PMN) function during S.pneumoniae (pneumococcal) infection. I am particularly interested in identifying the changes in the transcriptome induced by pneumococcal infection in the host PMNs. This will provide insight into the signaling pathways that are critical for host response and those dysregulated in the aged population. Future work will also be aimed at transcriptomic analysis to identify S.pneumoniae genes which are up- or down-regulated in a niche- and time-specific manner during pathogenesis in mice infection model.
  • 7/16/19
    My research focuses on elucidating the role of Serine incorporator 5 (SERINC5); a plasma membrane protein in restricting retrovirus infection in vivo.