Research Training

Research Training

Witebsky Center laboratories currently train 20 doctoral students and 16 postdoctoral fellows. Graduate, undergraduate and high school students participate in research programs in center laboratories each year.

All center members are training faculty. Members of the center are also participants in NIH training grants for medical students and undergraduate students. 

MD-PhD Program

The MD-PhD Program is directed by center member Paul R. Knight III, MD, PhD. It provides highly talented medical students with the opportunity to combine intensive scientific training with medical school experience. The MD-PhD helps medical students prepare for careers in which they will excel as both investigators and clinician-educators.

The MD-PhD curriculum is designed to integrate both a rigorous clinical and research experience throughout the program and to provide the student with skills needed for an academic career path. The MD-PhD develops physician-scientists to become leaders in basic, translational or clinical research and in clinical medicine in medical schools and teaching hospitals.