Program Director Appointment Process

  1. GME will provide deadlines for submission to program contact (usually current PD, TPA, or Chair).
  2. Request and materials must be submitted according to the deadlines listed here.
  3. GME staff will review materials and contact program with any questions or additional requirements.
  4. Request and materials will be circulated with the tentative agenda 5 business days (Tuesday) prior to GMEC.

Materials that must be submitted

  • Letter of support from Department Chair requesting approval of the prospective program director and attesting that the prospective PD possesses the required qualifications and experience as detailed in the ACGME program requirements. GME will provide a link to RC program requirements.
  • Letter from the prospective PD requesting approval and attesting to any specific commitments he/she must make according to the program requirements (e.g. will maintain his position for at least six years, will continue to maintain scholarly activity as required by the review committee, etc.) 
  • Prospective program director's CV listing all required qualifications and experience as listed in the program requirements. This must include: 
    • Status of Board certification in the specialty and/or subspecialty 
    • Current medical licensure 
    • Current medical staff appointment(s) 
    • Evidence of scholarly activity