156 Medical Students Recognized for Excellence, Achievement

Published October 25, 2013 This content is archived.

Story by Alexandra Edelblute

At the 2013 Honors Convocation ceremony, 156 medical students were recognized for their meritorious performance in coursework and outstanding achievements.


Michael E. Cain, MD, vice president for health sciences and dean, School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, gave opening remarks at the September ceremony.

Top Scholars, Diversity Advocate Honored

American Medical Association Foundation Scholars Fund Award

Sara Neimanis was recognized with the American Medical Association Foundation Scholars Fund Award.

David A. Milling, MD, senior associate dean for student and academic affairs, and clinical associate professor of medicine, announced the award.

McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing Lange Student Award

Colin Begy and Amanda Morrison received the McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing Lange Student Award because they were the two highest-ranking students in their first-year class.

Andrea T. Manyon, MD, clinical professor of family medicine and associate dean for student affairs, presented the award.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellowship Award

Michelle Dick received the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellowship Award, which honors an incoming medical student who has lived or worked in diverse environments or who has overcome obstacles and can help foster a learning community of diversity and inclusion.

Margarita L. Dubocovich, PhD, senior associate dean for inclusion and cultural enhancement, and professor and chair of pharmacology and toxicology, presented the award.

Departments Honor Academic, Lab, Community Work


Soroush Farnoosh and Ebrahim Mirakhor were recognized with the Edward L. Curvish, MD, Award for Excellence in Biochemistry for achieving the two highest grade point averages in biochemistry.

Murray J. Ettinger, PhD, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of biochemistry, announced the award.

Microbiology and Immunology

Vincent LaSala received the Marek Zaleski Award for high academic achievement and outstanding service to the community. He was chosen for this honor by the third-year class.

Thomas E. Melendy, PhD, associate professor of microbiology and biochemistry, presented the award.

Xi Yang was recognized with the Ernest Witebsky Award for achieving the highest grades in microbiology and immunology.

Pathology and Anatomical Sciences

Erin Armenia received the John B. Sheffer Award based on faculty nominations for her academic achievement and for presenting particular aptitude in the lab setting.

Brendan Filardo received the Kornel Terplan Award for achieving the highest grade point average in pathology.

Patrick Jowdy received the American Society for Clinical Pathology Award for Academic Excellence for demonstrating high academic achievement and outstanding performance in the pathology laboratory.

Charles M. Severin, MD, PhD, associate dean for medical education and admissions, and associate professor of pathology and anatomical sciences.

Physiology and Biophysics

Peter Shaughnessy received the Donald W. Rennie Physiology Award for achieving the highest average in physiology.

Perry M. Hogan, PhD, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor and interim chair of physiology and biophysics, presented the award.

Dean's Letters Recognize Outstanding Coursework

Milling also presented the Dean’s Letters of Commendation, which recognize high achievement in coursework during the past academic year.

The letters are given to students who earn honors grades in 75 percent of their required courses or achieve 75 percent of available honors points in their first and second years. Those who earn at least four honors and two high satisfactory grades in their third year also are honored.

Awardees for first-year achievement are:

  • Daniel Bailey
  • Colin Begy
  • Kristen Bennett
  • Adam Brouillard
  • Lindsay Carlson
  • Jason Chow
  • Chelsey Ciambella
  • Kristopher Clark
  • Joss Cohen
  • Ross Cole
  • Joshua Cox
  • Alonso Diaz
  • Janelle Duah
  • Jeanette Epstein
  • Soroush Farnoosh
  • Megan Gaugler
  • Faizi Hai
  • Stephen Haight
  • Ryan Hartman
  • Thomas Harvey
  • Michael Hong
  • Max Jacobson
  • Gilad Jaffe
  • Richard Jin
  • Eric Kaczor
  • Thomas Krier
  • Vincent Lasala
  • Richard Law
  • William Lee
  • Hei Ma
  • Nethra Madurai
  • Paul Mcbride
  • Constance Mei
  • Ebrahim Mirakhor
  • Emad Mogadam
  • Amanda Morrison
  • Vincent Moscato
  • Jimmy Mullally
  • Theresa Neiderer
  • Michael O'leary
  • Nathan Olszewski
  • Emilie O'Neill
  • John Pinski
  • He Qiu
  • Kate Raiti-Palazzolo
  • Sarah Riley
  • Ethan Rosenfeld
  • James Shea
  • Jamie Sklar
  • Michele Smith
  • Jason Smoak
  • William Stendardi
  • Rachel Stewart
  • Ashlee Stutsrim
  • Alex Sunshine
  • Andrew Tran
  • Olga Varechtchouk
  • Nadav Weinstock
  • Kathleen Wood
  • Allison Yu

Awardees for second-year achievement are:

  • Bilal Ahmed
  • Iris Alatovic
  • Desiree Albert
  • Erin Armenia
  • Angela Barskaya
  • Michael Bisogno
  • Margarita Borovka
  • Kyle Couperus-Mashewske
  • Vincent De Chavez
  • Maygen Del Castillo
  • Gretchen Deluke
  • Alex Dinh
  • Chirag Prakash Doshi
  • Christina Eng
  • Brendan Filardo
  • Kristina Foster
  • Andrew Gage
  • Michael Gagnier
  • Moyukh Ghosh
  • Artem Gindin
  • Christian Gluck
  • Jesse Goitia
  • Steven Gurien
  • Melissa Hoffman
  • Mary Howard
  • Patrick Jowdy
  • Milind Kachare
  • Emily Kahn
  • Madeline Kaye
  • Nushin Khan
  • Dae Hyeon Kim
  • Jorden Komm
  • Michelle Kuznicki
  • Joseph Lang
  • Jun Lee
  • Matthew Levitus
  • Jaehyung Lim
  • Thomas Malikowski
  • Jennifer Milillo
  • Marcus Ng
  • Adrian Ong
  • Jonathan Pang
  • Anupama Parameswaran
  • Lindsey Picard
  • Jennifer Pier
  • Farrakh Riaz
  • Ryan Rimmer
  • Christopher Sciria
  • Robert Semidey
  • Zachary Sendar
  • Peter Shaughnessy
  • Guneet Singh
  • Nikhil Singh
  • Zachary Sletten Ct
  • Sakina Sojar
  • Nicole Sprentall
  • Peter Tang
  • Gina Tundo
  • Janaki Vakharia
  • Michael Wach
  • Kathleen Whitbread
  • Casey White
  • Xi Yang
  • Eunice Yuen
  • Sharon Zhuo
  • Margaret Zupa

Awardees for third-year achievement are:

  • Rachel Aliotta
  • Matthew Austin
  • Henry Bacher
  • Miles Basil
  • Anthony Bejjani
  • Michael Blanco
  • Jane Caty
  • David Ciufo
  • Francis Coyne
  • Alice Crane
  • Meghan Crawley
  • Emily Farrell
  • Brittany Frankel
  • Saied Ghadersohi
  • Elizabeth Heller
  • Lunan Ji
  • Luke Lennox
  • Lisa Linde
  • Ilya Livshits
  • Britt Marshall
  • Sahar Naseer
  • Sara Neimanis
  • Rachel Ochotny
  • Elissa Ortolani
  • Neel Patel
  • Matthew Schimmel
  • Cynthia Schreiner
  • William Sipprell
  • Bradley Smith
  • Kyle Trecartin
  • Daniel Vargo
  • Samuel Wiles
  • Jennifer Zabinsky
  • Jessica Zak