Lee Ann Garrett-Sinha, PhD.

Lee Ann Garrett-Sinha, PhD, began her two-year term as an associate editor of The Journal of Immunology July 1.

UB Researcher Appointed Associate Editor of Journal of Immunology

Published July 25, 2014 This content is archived.

Story by Alexandra Edelblute

Lee Ann Garrett-Sinha, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry, has been named an associate editor of The Journal of Immunology.


Expert on Immune System Regulation

As an associate editor, Garrett-Sinha will review submitted manuscripts and make suggestions to the journal’s section editors about accepting manuscripts. 

Using transgenic and knockout mouse strains, her research focuses on understanding how the body’s immune system is regulated and how that regulation is disrupted in autoimmune disease.

Her areas of expertise include gene expression, cellular differentiation and signal transduction.

In particular, Garrett-Sinha’s lab has an interest in B lymphocyte immune cells and their role in autoimmunity.

Journal Highlights Experimental Immunology

The Journal of Immunology, published by the American Association of Immunologists, highlights novel, peer-reviewed findings in all areas of experimental immunology, including innate and adaptive immunity, inflammation, host defense, clinical immunology and autoimmunity.