Continuity Clinic

Using psychosocial interventions and pharmacologic approaches, you’ll provide care for your own panel of patients during your yearlong continuity clinic.

Supervised by our faculty, you’ll train in our department’s addiction medicine practice, which integrates addiction management into the primary care setting.

You’ll develop your skills assessing and managing patients as you establish your identity as a practicing addiction medicine physician.

We’ll pair you with a dedicated faculty preceptor who will guide your progress throughout the year.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • performing physical and mental status exams
  • completing comprehensive addiction assessments
  • using lab tests, including urine and toxicology screenings, to monitor patients’ conditions
  • managing bupenorphrine induction
  • demonstrating familiarity with the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria
  • collaborating with local referral sources, including outpatient addiction services
  • reporting on patients’ progress to drug courts
  • reviewing continuing care and discharge criteria
  • understanding drug-drug interactions


30 patients at a minimum

Patient Population

  • even gender split
  • 16-80 years old, with a mean age of 35
  • 70 percent Caucasian
  • 20 percent African-American
  • 10 percent Hispanic
  • typical diagnoses: opiate/alcohol dependence, chronic pain, personality/mood disorders
  • patients include pregnant women, individuals with coexisting medical problems

Clinical Site

Length of Rotation



1/2 day per week