Why Choose Biochemistry at UB?

Frances Smith; Daniel Kosman, PhD.

Collaboration between trainees such as Frances Smith and mentors like Daniel J. Kosman, PhD, are what makes our program stand out.

Our faculty have diverse expertise and are committed to teaching and mentoring in a collaborative environment that provides you practical training in state-of-the art facilities.

Accomplished, Committed Faculty

Work with highly accomplished scientists committed to helping you learn how to identify key questions and apply existing and new experimental tools to find their solutions.

Dedicated Mentors

Develop your full potential with the support of faculty mentors who provide one-on-one training and guidance.

Open Research Matrix

Participate in research that encourages interdisciplinary projects drawing upon the expertise of scientists from across the university and affiliated research institutions.

Practical, Hands-on Experience

Apply classroom knowledge to research projects that offer practical preparation for your career.

Advanced Research Techniques

Master cutting-edge experimental techniques in laboratory facilities using the latest technologies in biochemistry.

Strategic Initiatives

Play a key role in the university’s long-term strategic plan by contributing to the faculty-led Molecular Recognition in Biological Systems and Bioinformatics research group.