Inpatient Stabilization Service (Detoxification)

This unopposed rotation familiarizes you with the physiological disturbances that occur during acute withdrawal from alcohol, sedatives, opioids and other classes of drugs.

You’ll care for patients with a variety of substance use disorders, developing treatment plans and medically managing their withdrawal while assessing them for risk of suicide, self-harm, aggression and elopement.

You’ll learn the signs and symptoms of withdrawal, including delirium, as well as conditions that could mimic withdrawal.

Your daily responsibilities include:

  • performing admissions histories and physical examinations
  • writing orders, progress notes and discharge summaries
  • developing treatment plans after discharge
  • coordinating care with community services
  • attending meetings with multidisciplinary care teams


You’ll see approximately 10 patients per day and care for 12-14 in the detoxification unit.

Clinical Site

Length of Rotation

4 weeks