Psychiatry Consult/Liaison and Inpatient Addiction Medicine Consultation

Training in the consultation/liaison service of a major urban medical center, you’ll learn to recognize and diagnose psychiatric conditions most commonly encountered in hospital settings.

This rotation trains you to understand the consequences of substance use on a range of clinical conditions and to communicate those consequences to patients and their families.

You’ll perform psychiatric consultations and present them to the consultation-liaison team. You’ll learn how to treat withdrawal symptoms in the context of a medical condition while recognizing potential drug-drug interactions.

Working in the inpatient setting, you’ll train alongside psychiatry residents and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team.

You will also rotate with inpatient addiction medicine consultation team and see hospitalized  patients on medical and surgical floors with comorbid substance use disorders.  Learning to communicate treatment recommendations in medically complex patients to primary care teams is an essential skill gained during this experience.

Over four weeks, you’ll observe and practice:

  • crisis intervention
  • brief psychotherapy and family intervention
  • patient education
  • referral in hospitalized patients
  • communication with primary services on treatment recommendations


  • 3-5 new patients daily

Clinical Site

Length of Rotation

4 weeks