Karin Provost (right), DO, PhD.

“We train residents to excel in the research environment,” says Karin Provost (right), DO, PhD, who collaborates with researchers from multiple divisions and departments.

Our training helps you become well versed in the principles and practices of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine during your general medicine rotations. Enhance your knowledge in the field by participating in our residency electives, conducting research in our division and attending our conferences.

Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Conferences

We hold weekly division-wide conferences, which we encourage you to attend. We focus our first session of the month on topics germane to sleep medicine. Our remaining conferences are dedicated to pulmonary and critical care subject matter.

Our conferences feature case presentations and didactic lectures presented by our divisional faculty, other invited faculty and fellows from our sleep medicine and pulmonary disease and critical care fellowships. 

Each week, a physician from our pulmonary disease and critical care fellowship program gives an evidence-based medicine presentation about a recent publication affecting patient care. 

We also welcome you to attend our journal clubs and research conferences.

Research Opportunities

In our division, you'll have opportunities to work alongside accomplished physician-scientists on research projects investigating the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of pulmonary diseases and sleep conditions.

Residency Electives


Location: Buffalo General Medical Center and Buffalo VA Medical Center

In this elective, you will work with patients who have a broad range of pulmonary pathologies. You will learn to perform physical examinations and take histories focused on the signs and symptoms of lung diseases, including extrapulmonary signs and symptoms. You will learn to order appropriate studies and create management plans for a wide variety of lung diseases.

Sleep Medicine

Location: Buffalo General Medical Center

This rotation exposes you to a variety of sleep disorders, focusing on how other medical conditions and medications can cause them, and their effects on overall health. You will learn to take a sleep history, perform a sleep physical, and classify the major problems encountered in sleep medicine, such as narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. You will also gain an understanding of the basics of insomnia, circadian rhythms and how to treat patients with sleep-altering medications.