Research Opportunities

Manoj J. Mammen, MD.

Manoj J. Mammen, MD, contributes to our division's vibrant research community with his investigations into the pathophysiology of lung inflammation.

In our division, you have opportunities to work alongside accomplished physician-scientists on research projects investigating the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of pulmonary diseases and sleep conditions.

Our division offers a range of translational and clinical research opportunities.  

We welcome trainees from every level of education. Undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate trainees, including international trainees, have gained research experience under the mentorship of our world-class faculty.

Medical Students

You may sign up for research electives with individual faculty members. You should arrange these electives with faculty before signing up for them with the Office of Medical Education.


To discuss a potential research project, contact the principal investigator, a fellowship program director or the division chief.


Physicians in our fellowships have opportunities to participate in a variety of research endeavors during their research rotations.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

We welcome U.S. and international postdoctoral candidates to our laboratories for further training and experience. Contact our division's administrative assistant or individual faculty members to explore available opportunities.  

Research Opportunities

You’ll collaborate with our researchers on projects related to a variety of topics, including: