Advanced Cardiac Imaging

Perform and interpret CT and MRI studies, gaining experience in advanced imaging techniques.

You’ll become proficient using imaging tests to diagnose and evaluate patients with cardiac disease or suspected cardiac disease.

You’ll participate in every aspect of imaging, specifically:

  • administering medications prior to the test
  • selecting the optimal imaging protocol
  • acquiring and processing the images
  • interpreting the images (supervised by an attending physician)
  • reporting your findings

Our program performs 1,000 cardiac CTs and up to 400 cardiac MRIs per year.

We offer you COCATS level 2 training in cardiac CT. To achieve this level of competence, you’d take this elective at least twice.


  • 50-75 CTA studies
  • 20-30 MRI studies

Length and Years of Elective

  • four weeks in years 2 or 3
  • also available to first-year fellows strongly interested in imaging
  • fellows can repeat this elective

Clinical Site

Patient Population

  • equal inpatient-outpatient mix

Patients present with:

  • chest pain
  • ischemic cardiomyopathy
  • suspected myocarditis or cardiac sarcoidosis
  • cardiomyopathy of unclear etiology
  • fibrosis
  • suspected cardiac masses or thrombus
  • congenital heart disease