Consult Service

Gain experience with consultative cardiology and assume various supervisory roles at our program’s two primary training hospitals.

During this rotation, your duties include providing consultative services to patients admitted to non-cardiology services, co-managing patients on other services (ICU or inpatient teams) and triaging newly admitted cardiology patients to the appropriate inpatient service.

You’ll take the lead in:

  • initially evaluating patients
  • distributing consults
  • supervising residents and medical students 

Our consult service offers you a variety of enriching clinical opportunities. These include:

  • evaluating preoperative patients
  • managing medical, surgical and neurologic patients — including those in the ICU
  • managing cardiac surgery patients with postoperative complications, such as atrial fibrillation
  • evaluating observation unit patients, including follow-up of abnormal cardiac testing

Your team will consist of an attending physician, internal medicine residents and medical students.

On this rotation, you won’t be on call when you train at Buffalo General Medical Center. When you train at the Buffalo VA Medical Center, you’ll be on call every night from home, but you’ll experience a relatively low call volume.


  • 6 new consults per day, on average

Length and Years of Rotation

Clinical Sites

Patient Population

  • patients with a wide range of cardiac diseases
  • high proportion of 50+ male patients at the Buffalo VAMC