Burn ICU Elective

Gain familiarity with the technical and physiologic complications of managing burn patients in the ICU.

As a fellow in our program, you will have the unique experience of working in the only burn center in Western New York.

In our burn ICU rotation, you will encounter respiratory complications caused by smoke inhalation and learn about appropriate measures of care for patients with significant burns and inhalation injuries.

We will expand your knowledge about diagnostic bronchoscopies, airway clearance techniques and maintenance, chest physiotherapy and mechanical ventilator management in an ICU setting.

We will cover topics including:

  • clinical diagnosis of inhalation injuries
  • acute upper airway obstruction in burn victims with inhalation injury
  • damage to the lung parenchyma

We will prepare you to work effectively within a burn ICU setting.


You can expect to see approximately 10 patients during this rotation.

Clinical Sites

Our burn ICU rotation is hosted in the regional burn center at Erie County Medical Center.