Research and Scholarship

Umesh Sharma, MD, PhD, Nikhil Agrawal MD.

In our program, resident Nikhil Agrawal, MD (right) sharpens his clinical and critical thinking skills via scholarly projects with mentors like Umesh Sharma, MD, PhD.

We support your research interests with up to three months of dedicated research time during your training.

Whether your interest is in clinical or basic science research, we offer you a wide range of expertise and project opportunities with distinguished, experienced faculty. In your second year, you may take a three-month research elective to design and carry out independent work. We also offer an elective in evidence-based medicine.

Some residents carry an independent project to publication or presentation at national meetings, while others get involved with larger, ongoing research at our school. These opportunities give you a competitive edge when you apply for fellowships or continue on into an academic career.

Present Your Work

Itivrita Goyal in front of her poster at the 2017 Dept of Medicine Research Day.

Internal medicine resident Itivrita Goyal, MD, presents her research poster during the Department of Medicine’s annual Research Day.

We support our residents’ participation in the American College of Physicians’ statewide poster session, held each fall, and in the poster session at our school’s annual Spring Clinical Day.

Throughout the year, Journal Club meetings give you opportunities to present a thorough review of a topic that interests you, which may relate to an ongoing research project you’re developing.

Current and Ongoing Research Projects

Resident Project Mentor
Ahmed, Rahil Management of HCV among PWID during COVID crisis Dr. Anthony Martinez
Akl, Amir A systematic review of direct oral anticoagulant use in ESRD in patients with Venous Thromboembolism Dr. Manoj Mammen
Alexander, William Recurrence of immune-mediated hepatitis after resuming immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy Dr. Yara Abdou and Dr. Marc Ernstoff
Atia, Andrew Relation of Left Atrial Volume in Atrial Fibrillation & Normal Sinus Rhythm in Patients Undergoing TAVR Dr. Aman Gupta and Dr. Umesh Sharma
Boniszewski, Marissa, Fernandez, Chanel,  Kalanadhabhatta, Nalini and Khanna, Aakanksha Easing the Stress of Learner Level Transitions Through Longitudinal Near-Peer Interactive Virtual "Boot Camps" Dr. Alysia Kwiatkows
Battel, Lucas Reducing Inappropriate Oxygen Prescription in Acute Coronary Syndrome Dr. Vernon Clifton
Battel, Lucas and Khanna, Aakanksha Evaluating the Efficacy of a Personalized Big Brother Big Sister Program Using a Matching System in a Cohort of Internal Medicine Residents Dr. Alysia Kwiatkowski
Battel, Lucas, Kalanadhabhatta, Nalini, Khanna, Aakanksha and Pinto Copetti, Ana Paula Code ESCape (Educational & Skills Curriculum): Using Gamification and Simulation to Enhance and Test Medical Emergency Concerpts in Internal Medicine Residents Dr. Archana Mishra
Battel, Lucas, Gurdogan, Hafsa and Reis Ferreira de Lima, Francisco Interactive Near-Peer Teaching: Evaluating Methodologies for Improving Acquisition and Retention of GerenalInternal Medicine Knowledge in a Resident Learner Population Dr. Alysia Kwiatkowski
Bhat, Salman Optimization of diabetes control by targeting clinic workflow and patient self management in a safety net clinic Dr. Dandona, Dr. Bakhai and Dr. Ghanim
Boutros, John Echocardiographic model to predict poor outcomes in TAVR patients Dr. Vijay Iyer
Czarny, Dawid and Khanna, Aakanksha Evaluation of a Synchornous Online Interactive Session in Enhancing Musculoskeletal Knowledge Among Medicine Residents During a Global Pandemic Dr. Alysia Kwaitkowski
Czarny, Dawid and Khanna, Aakanksha RHEUMATOLOGY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM DIRECTORS IN THE UNITED STATES: Analysis of Demographics, Educational & Scholary Achievements Dr. Alysia Kwiatkowski
Czarny, Dawid, Khanna, Aakanksha, Shehata, Mark and Trivedi, Grishma Escape RHEUM: Unlocking Innovative Teaching Techniques During the COVID-19 Pandemic Dr. Alysia Kwiatkowski
Czarny, Dawid, Khanna, Aakanksha and Rasendrakumar, Ariba Rheumatology Employment Opportunities in 2020: Analysis of the American College of RheumatologyCareerConnection Occupational Panel Dr. Alysia Kwiatkowski
Edwards, Dali A case-control study of occupational and environmental risk factors in sarcoma Dr. Anne Grand 'Maison
Fazel, Yousef Weekend vs Weekday Lower GI Bleed Mortality and Length of Stay Dr. Mahmood Sultan
Fernandez, Chanel The Risk of Bleeding Associated with the Treatment of Sub-Segmental Pulmonary Embolism Dr. Jeffrey Mador
Harhay, Jason Evaluating a Traditional "Feedback Friday" Approach Versus a Modified Model Incorporating Written Reflection for Feedback within a Population of Internal Medicine Resdients During an Elective Experience in Rheumatology Dr. Alysia Kwiatkowski
Hussain, Daanyal 1. Editorial (title TBD) for JACC CEP: Sex differences in patients with out-of-hospital cardia arrest without ST-segment elevation: A COACT trial substudy. 2. The relationship Between Panic Attack Symptoms and Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation Dr. Anne Curtis
Jizzini, Mazen Clinical Use of Anti-Factor Xa Levels for dose optimization of Low Molecular Weight Heparin in Cancer Patients with Stem Cel Transplant Dr. Sophia Balderman
Khan, Muniba Risk of bleeding associated with treatment of subsegmental pulmonary embolism Dr. Jeffrey Mador
Khanna, Aakanksha and Ravidran, Adharsh Code ESCAPE: Educational and Skills Curriculum Applyig the Platform of Escape Room Dr. Regina Makdissi
Miller, Jasmyn Reducing avoidable emergency department visits for patient at HEIMC Dr. Dacia Harris
Mirza, Jibran Myocarditis Induced by Immune Check Point Inhibitors Dr. Umesh Sharma
Pomakov, Alexander Second Hand Tobacco Smoke Exposure and Respiratory Health in Adults  Dr. Archana Mishra
Rahaman, Zubair Medical Cannabis vs. Mirtazapine for the treatment of Insomnia, Anxiety in cancer patients. Dr. Amy Case and Dr. Eric Hansen
Rana, Navpreet Improving GI education among internal medicine residents Dr. Thomas Mahl
Reddy, Abhinay A Comprehensive Tissue Characterization of Cardiac Amyloidusing Myocardial Biopsies and Cardiac MRI Dr. Umesh Sharma
Sadek, Sarah Diagnostic yield of endoscopy in patients with IDA versus AOCD: a retrospective study in a tertiary care center. Dr.  Mahmood Sultan
Saleemi, Maryam Optimization of diabetes care by implementing evidence based guidelines in a safety net primary care clinic: Quality Improvement Project Dr. Smita Bakhai
Sawana, Amandeep Change in serum levels of Ac-SDKP, an an*-inflammatory marker, in rela*on to the use of ACE inhibitors in pa*ents with Acute MI Dr. Umesh Sharma
Smith, Andrew Impact of Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Respiratory health and Mortality in Adults Dr. Archana Mishra
Sozen, Ercan Improving outpatient follow up with primary care physician after an ED visit and minimizing number of unnecessary ER visits by Hertel patients.  Dr. Dacia Harris
Sparacino, Gina Immunity to HAV and HBV among patients seen at ECMC Hepatology Clinic from 2016 to 2019 Dr. Anthony Martinez
Sparacino, Gina Morning Report Redesign: Evaluation of a Virtual, Synchronous, Interactive and Varied Session Design Curriculum for Residents During COVID-19 Pandemic Dr. Alysia Kwiatkowski
Tajammal, Rutaba Impact of cancer therapies on CHIPmutation status in Lung cancer patients treated at Roswell Dr. Thota Swapna
Trivedi, Grishma Penicillin-binding Protein (PBP) 7/8: A novel drug target in extensively drug resistant (XDR) strains of Acinetobacterbaumannii (A. baumannii) Dr. Thomas Russo
Wolczynski, Piotr Sepsis Bundle Usage and Its Effect on LOS, Hospitalization Cost and Antibiotic Usage in Non-ICU Adults Dr. Regina Makdissi

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