Clinical Training Sites

Our connections to major health care facilities throughout the greater Buffalo area give you experience treating a wide-ranging patient base in a variety of clinical settings.

Working in federal, state and private facilities exposes you to multiple protocols for delivery of care, as well as different systems for electronic medical record-keeping and resource management. You will develop flexible, resourceful strategies for medical diagnoses and acquire skills that will help you adapt to a wide variety of professional settings.

Learn more about each of our main clinical training sites:

This 500-bed acute care center, located on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, is one of the region’s major hospitals.
This 100-bed, 1.4 million-square-foot facility provides medical, surgical, mental health, long-term and outpatient care.
Approximately 35 percent of your training experiences take place on units at this large, urban hospital with a diverse patient base.
This world-class center for cancer research and treatment provides you a window into care and clinical research at the forefront of hematology and oncology.
Each of our residents works in a continuity clinic where, supervised by faculty, you will manage your own patients.