Continuity Clinics

Roberto Diaz Del Carpio, MD, MPH; Sarah Sadek, MD, resident.

Roberto Diaz Del Carpio, MD, MPH, mentors Sarah Sadek, MD, as she gains valuable longitudinal patient care experience in her continuity clinic.

Each of our residents works in a continuity clinic where, supervised by faculty, you will manage your own patients.

You will get one full module (four weeks) in a continuity clinic during your second and third years, plus weekly sessions for a total of approximately 148 sessions over 36 months.

Comprehensive Clinical Training

Concentrated time in your home clinic helps you develop longitudinal relationships with the ambulatory faculty who train you and the patients you see. It also gives you a thorough understanding of the clinic site and opportunities to care for colleagues’ patients, encouraging communication among team members and broadening your experiences.

Training at your continuity clinic focuses on prioritizing tasks during time-limited visits and maximizing the effective use of diagnostic tests and prescriptions. While rotating on these blocks, you will learn how to advocate for your patients’ care with the assistance of home services such as physical therapy and visiting nurse organizations. You will also provide some acute care for the practice’s patients and add new patients to your panel.

Coordinated Didactic Curriculum

We supplement our ambulatory curriculum with case-based discussions, including conferences on hospice care and assessing disability, and the Johns Hopkins Ambulatory Web-based curriculum. This series of independent self-study modules addresses core topics in outpatient care using pretests, learning objectives and posttests.

You will cover one module per conference for a total of 11 per year. We rotate through the modules over a three-year cycle, so you work through the full curriculum during your residency.

Distinctive Training Sites

You will be matched to one of four sites based on the clinic’s needs and your skills:

ECMC logo.

Erie County Medical Center
Most of our residents are matched to ECMC’s outpatient clinic, located within the hospital and serving a wide variety of patients from the city of Buffalo.

BGMC logo.

Buffalo General Medical Center
Buffalo General’s newly refurbished outpatient clinic serves predominantly urban patients. After ECMC, the next-largest portion of our residents are in continuity clinics here.

North Buffalo Medical Park sign.

Hertel Elmwood Internal Medical Center
This training site gives residents experience in a smaller, community-based office setting with a varied patient base from throughout the Buffalo area. About 30 percent of our residents train in this continuity clinic.


UBMD Internal Medicine-Adult Primary & Specialty Medicine
This faculty practice location specializes in adult internal medicine and its subspecialties.