Practicum Phase

We combine our resources with those of affiliated hospitals, governmental public health departments, health agencies, health care providers and managed care organizations to provide you with a comprehensive training experience.

The practicum phase is comprised of supervised experiences at affiliated institutions and practice sites. Practicum experiences are interspersed throughout the academic phase and include at least two months in a local governmental public health agency and at least two months of direct patient care experiences in each year of training.

Throughout your practicum phase of training, you will continue to attend weekly continuity clinics in primary care internal medicine or family medicine practice settings. These experiences are personalized based on each resident’s professional interests.

Practicum Length

Practicum phase experiences are generally arranged to occur in one-month modules or longer; however, continuity experiences extending part time over a period of several months are encouraged, as appropriate. These longer experiences allow you to benefit from involvement over an entire span of a project or for more extended follow-up with patient groups. 

A Diversity of Practicum Experiences

Green Belt Certification in Six Sigma

Through an arrangement with The Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE) in the UB School of Engineering, you have the opportunity to achieve Green Belt certification in Six Sigma, a statistically-based approach to quality improvement. The program includes both a didactic and a project component.