Annmarie Zimmermann, MD, stands in a clinical setting.

Our curriculum includes a maternal health rotation. Working with faculty members like Annmarie Zimmermann, MD, you’ll increase your knowledge about social determinants of health and develop skills to care for pregnant patients.

Our two-year residency will uniquely prepare you in both clinical medicine and public health in order to promote and maintain health and well-being — and reduce the risks of disease, disability and death in individuals and populations. 

There are two phases of our program: the academic phase and the practicum phase.

Academic Phase

In the academic phase, you will work toward earning your master’s degree in public health (MPH) during your first year of our preventive medicine residency program. 

During this academic phase, you will also rotate in various clinical settings and provide direct patient care. You may start the maternal health rotation during your first year.

For years, the School of Public Health and Health Professions (SPHHP) has had a long-standing collaborative relationship with many of the faculty members in the UB Primary Care Research Institute.

This master’s degree program, put forth by the SPHHP Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Health, is a one-year accelerated program.

During the MPH portion of our residency, we’ll ask you to complete an integrated project. We’ll encourage you to select a maternal health quality improvement project from the maternal health rotation, to fulfill the requirement. This enables you to dedicate yourself fully to your maternal health QI project, which maximizes its impact on health care and the community. 

Master of Public Health highlights

Gain skills to address emerging public health issues around the world

Public health professionals protect the public's health by investigating and preventing disease, disability and death; developing and implementing health programs, education and policies; conducting and translating research; promoting healthy behaviors; and creating safe and healthy environments.

Earn your MPH at no cost

Grant funding covers the cost of your MPH studies if you are admitted into the Preventive Medicine Residency program.

Online MPH option

This program offers an online option for MPH, in addition to the in-person classroom setting.

With grant support from the Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under grant number T34HP42144, the MPH costs are covered for eligible Preventive Medicine Residents.

Choose an MPH concentration

Practicum Phase

During the practicum phase of our residency, you will focus on various rotations, mostly clinical, in public health and preventive medicine settings. You will also spend time in a community health plan setting and various health care systems to master population health management and patient safety/quality improvement skills.

Leadership experience will be plentiful. You will have opportunities to mentor third- and fourth-year medical students during patient care sessions and longitudinal population health / quality improvement rotations.


Our conferences and rounds sharpen your diagnostic skills, introduce you to research opportunities and keep you current in the field.

Rotations and Electives

We offer a wide range of rotations and electives — and we give you the opportunity to customize and expand your rotation options, based on your individual interests.