Our conferences and grand rounds provide you with knowledge that helps sharpen your clinical skills and keeps you current in the field of public health and general preventive medicine. Further, these sessions will introduce you to community-based research opportunities and quality improvement, with an emphasis on addressing social justice in health care.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds

Via a virtual platform, watch a remote CDC lecture series focused on applying systems-based approaches that will prepare you to efficiently address major population health issues. 

This conference provides a learning forum with public health projects that reinforce your leadership and management skills as a practitioner working to improve the health of various populations.

Each lecture features an experienced preventive medicine and public health professional or clinical practitioner. Speakers describe how they used systems-based approaches to accomplish public health and population health goals. 

National experts present on topics such as vaccine hesitancy, addressing social determinants of health, successful health promotion and disease control, and mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on the health care system.

First Wednesday of every month

University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Grand Rounds

URMC Occupational and Environmental Medicine Grand Rounds

We ask you to watch these grand rounds in order to enhance your understanding and knowledge of the principles and practice of occupational and environmental medicine.

These grand rounds expose you to clinically relevant lectures about:

  • factors affecting health in the workplace
  • diagnosing and treating work-related injuries
  • complex interactions of human individuals and their environments

For instance, past talks have covered topics including:

  • opioids and the workplace
  • occupational health of sign language interpreters during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • climate change and outdoor workers’ health
  • determination of work-related causation of cancer in an individual patient
  • managing spine related disorders with telemedicine

First Thursday of every month

URMC Public Health Grand Rounds

Through this series, you can hear about community-based initiatives to reduce health inequities, improve access to care and tackle difficult health challenges. These public health grand rounds are a collaborative effort between the URMC’s Center for Community Health and Prevention and the Department of Public Health Sciences. They will enable you to make key connections between research, clinical medicine and community health improvement.

For instance, past talks have covered topics including:

  • partnering with the community to address local food insecurity
  • addressing the role of racism: Black women and maternal health disparities
  • sustainability in health care

Third Friday of every month

Quality Improvement (QI) Team Meetings

When you conduct quality improvement (QI) projects, the effectiveness of the QI process often depends on the ability of QI team members to work well together. That’s why we ensure that you engage in regular QI team meetings.

During QI team meetings, we’ll discuss frameworks for developing, testing and implementing changes leading to improvement. 

Further, you’ll gain experience working on a multidisciplinary team with members like clinic front line staff, patients and hospital administrative leadership.

Several meetings throughout the program

Core Topics in General Preventive Medicine

Each week, didactic curriculum will supplement your clinical educational experience.

Our faculty members cover topics within core areas including:

  • social determinants of health
  • population health
  • lifestyle medicine
  • occupational and environmental medicine 
  • travel medicine
  • infectious disease  
  • quality improvement 
  • clinical preventive medicine
  • public health preparedness 
  • epidemiology and biostatistics 

 Bi-weekly — Thursday afternoons at Erie County Medical Center

Family Medicine Grand Rounds

When you actively listen and participate in lectures and presentations in these grand rounds, you will gain exposure to a full-spectrum of family medicine topics, ranging from:

  • maternal morbidity and mortality review board analysis
  • addiction medicine
  • sports medicine
  • prevention and treatment of substance use disorder in pregnancy and in the postnatal period
  • telehealth to improve access
  • research topics 
  • practice management

Departmental faculty, faculty from other specialties, clinical psychologists, pharmacists, social workers and other specialists present at grand rounds.

Biweekly — Thursday afternoons at Erie County Medical Center