Elective Rotations

Tildabeth Doscher, MD.

If you undertake our addiction medicine elective, you’ll train with Tildabeth Doscher, MD. “I am devoted to helping change the landscape of substance use disorder identification and treatment for the people I serve,” says Doscher.

Our electives provide you with opportunities to hone important skills for longitudinal care, boost your knowledge specific to women’s health, and strengthen your understanding of liver disease and treatment for substance use disorders.

  • Gynecology and Women’s Health
    Gain outpatient experience that prepares you to competently diagnose, treat and manage diseases and health challenges commonly experienced by women.
  • Hepatology
    Strengthen your understanding of liver disease and develop the ability to recognize, diagnose and treat liver diseases routinely seen in an outpatient and follow-up setting.
  • Addiction Medicine
    Work alongside fellowship-trained addiction medicine faculty in a variety of clinical settings.