Required Rotations

Jill N. Tirabassi, MD, MPH.

Jill N. Tirabassi, MD, MPH, is a faculty expert you’ll work alongside during our lifestyle medicine rotation. In addition to her preventive medicine expertise, she has a background in family medicine, public health and sports medicine.

Rotations in our residency ensure that your training is well-rounded. They enable you to learn from experts in a variety of environments — including clinical locations, a corporate setting and a county department of health site.

  • Maternal Health
    Work with interprofessional maternal health care teams that address social determinants of health while dealing with population health management, quality improvement and high-risk pregnancy case management.
  • Clinical Informatics
    Learn how to work with information technology in health care — and analyze information collected by such systems — to improve clinical provider experience and thereby patient-care quality.
  • Lifestyle Medicine
    Use lifestyle medicine principles and management alongside interdisciplinary faculty in a variety of clinical settings.
  • Department of Health
    Work alongside employees of the Niagara County Department of Health and receive guidance by a University at Buffalo expert in epidemiology and environmental health, who will support you with weekly informal feedback.
  • Population Health
    Build basic skills in querying and assessing population-level data and learn to identify risks and inequities within the population. Gain experience with population health quality improvement (QI) projects that drive patient safety improvement.
  • Clinical Preventive Services
    Our clinical preventive services longitudinal rotation deepens your understanding of screening — as well as primary, secondary and tertiary prevention — of common diseases in the primary care setting.