Marek B. Zaleski Award

This award is given to a second-year medical student who demonstrates high standards of academic achievement and outstanding service to the community and exemplifies the spirit of a Renaissance man or woman.


Second-year medical student

Deadline for Submission

Late August

Selection Process

If you are a second-year medical student, you will have the opportunity to nominate classmates for this award. You will be chosen if you receive the most votes.


If you are selected as a recipient of the Zaleski award, we’ll notify you with a letter.


If you receive this cash award, you will be recognized during our annual Honors Convocation.

Contact For More Information

Assistant to the Chair

Caroline Golach.

Caroline Golach

Senior Staff Assistant

Microbiology and Immunology

955 Main St. Room 5102B Buffalo, NY 14203-1121

Phone: (716) 829-2993


Marek B. Zaleski

This award was established in 1995 by Malgorzata and Jan Zaleski in honor of Marek B. Zaleski, a professor of microbiology who died in 1994. At Zaleski’s memorial service, second-year medical students presented the first Zaleski Award to a classmate they felt best exemplified the spirit of the Renaissance man or woman.

Past Recipients

  • Maya Raghavan (2021)
  • Stephanie Newman (2020)
  • Alexandra Marrone (2019)
  • Jacob Friend (2018)
  • Aaron Bola, Class of '20 (2017)
  • Mohammad Hubeishy, Class of '19 (2016)
  • Sarah-Grace Anna Carbrey, Class of '18 (2015)
  • Jesse Fodero III, Class of ’17 (2014)
  • Vincent LaSala, Class of ’16 (2013)
  • Joseph Thomas, Class of ’15 (2012)
  • Michael Blanco, MD ’14 (2011)
  • Andrew Farkas, MD ’11 (2010)
  • Kelvin Gold, MD ’10 (2009)
  • Ben Briggs, MD/PhD ’13 (2008)
  • C. Kelvey Richards, MD ’08 (2007)
  • Rebecca G. Taxier, MD ’07 (2006)
  • Pamela J. Franks, MD ’06 (2005)