PhD Program


Elizabeth Wohlfert.

In our program, you will be welcomed into a program that is exciting, rigorous, and highly collaborative. We will help you develop your research, critical thinking and communication skills.

You may apply to our program through the interdisciplinary PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences (PPBS).

As a PhD applicant, regardless of which biomedical field you pursue, you will apply through our gateway PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences (PPBS). You will spend your first year in this interdisciplinary program, experiencing various options before committing to a research lab. After your year of exploration, you will officially join your chosen department in your second year.

How to Apply

You can apply online. You’ll need to submit scanned copies of all required supporting documents before your application will be reviewed. You may save and edit your application as you go.

Official documents will be required if you are offered admission.

Once your application is ready, you must formally submit it to upload your documents.

Check Your Status

You may log in at any time to check your status.

The online checklist is your best source about the status of your application during the review process; please check it frequently. 

You will receive an email when your admission decision is available in the portal.


Your application must be completed and supporting documentation must be received by December 15.


A bachelor’s degree is required to enter the program.

You must submit the following credentials to apply:

  • transcript(s) from every postsecondary institution you have attended
  • three letters of recommendation
  • a personal letter stating career objectives and research experience; research experience is highly desirable
  • resume/CV

Effective with the Fall 2019 admission cycle, we no longer require GRE scores of PPBS applicants.

Strong consideration is given to students who majored in chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy or psychology. Recommended undergraduate courses include general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physiology, physics and mathematics, including calculus and statistics.


Once you submit your application online for formal review, you will be provided with a link to our online payment system, where you can pay the application fee.

Contact Us

For questions about admissions and academic advisement, please contact:

Director of Graduate Studies

Wohlfert, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Wohlfert, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Room 5256 955 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: 7168293969


Associate Director of Graduate Studies

Armbruster, Chelsie

Chelsie Armbruster, PhD

Associate Professor

Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Room 5218 955 Main Street Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (716) 829-6059


Graduate Program Administrator

Caroline Golach.

Caroline Golach

Senior Staff Assistant

Microbiology and Immunology

955 Main St. Room 5102B Buffalo, NY 14203-1121

Phone: (716) 829-2993