Learn neuro-ophthalmologic examination skills and gain exposure to patients with ocular and optic conditions that accompany neurological conditions, guided by our expert neuro-ophthalmologist.

Focused Experience Addressing Visual Problems

Through our specialized elective, you will develop expertise in comprehensively caring for patients with visual problems, such as abnormalities in visual acuity, visual fields and eye movements. You will expand your skill set — from diagnosis to management — as you learn to:

  1. obtain complete neuro-ophthalmologic histories
  2. perform full neuro-ophthalmologic examinations, encompassing visual acuity testing, color vision testing, confrontational fields examination, pupil examination and fundoscopic examination with an indirect ophthalmoscope
  3. interpret different types of visual field testing (Humphrey, Goldmann, tangent and confrontational)
  4. distinguish forms of optic nerve disease (papilledema, ischemic optic neuropathy, optic atrophy)
  5. manage patients with various types of optic nerve disease
  6. make the differential diagnosis of diplopia

Comprehensive, Career-Focused Learning

Initially, our supervising neuro-ophthalmologist will teach you examination techniques and review your patient histories. You will progress to perform examinations independently, with a faculty member always available for guidance.

Our robust didactic training supports and enhances your clinical skills.


You will typically see 15-to-20 patients per day.

Length of Rotation

1-2 modules

Year Taken

Clinical Site