Case 1 - 15 year old female complains of ankle pain for three months

High grade osteosarcoma


Case 2 - 59 year old female complains of knee pain for two months

- ESR 112mm/hr

- CRP 156 mg/l

- WBC 14.6

CD 20 positive Large B cell lymphoma


Case 3 - 63 year old female complains of increasing left hip pain after a fall three weeks ago

History of breast cancer

Metastatic breast cancer


Case 4 - 21 year old male with increasing leg pain and enlarging mass for three years



Case 5 - 14 year old female with a tender right knee mass which has been enlarging for five months

Granular cell tumor


Case 6 - 18 year old female with persistent and worsening wrist pain for four months

Giant Cell Tumor


Case 7 - 20 year old male with worsening left hip pain, the patient has pain with transfers and has minimal ambulation

Left hip dysplasia, Hurler’s syndrome


Case 8 - 60 year old female with right hip pain and mass for the past year

Tumoral Calcinosis


Case 9 - 86 year old male with nontender, enlarging left thigh mass

Myxoid malignant fibrous histiocytoma


Case 10 - 53 year old female with pelvic pain and fevers

History of left hip disarticulation due to a 2005 motor vehicle accident



Case 11 - 68 year old male with right elbow pain

Metastatic renal cell carcinoma