Case 1

D.K. - 54 year old female who complained of low back pain after a fall on New Year’s Eve; she developed numbness and loss of bowel control, prompting decompression for cauda equina syndrome



Case 2

D.C. - 72 year old male with left shoulder pain for six months, recently noted swelling over his scapula



Case 3

B.S. - 47 year old female with one year history of right knee pain, pain is posterior and is worse with activity, some relief with NSAID's

Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma


Case 4

M.D. - 5 year old female with right thigh pain for one month, her parents have noticed swelling in her thigh over the past week, she began limping a few days ago and now is reluctant to bear weight on her right leg



Case 5

M.S. - 31 year old female complains of pain in her right first web space and index finger; pain began six months ago, but x-rays were not taken until recently since the patient was pregnant

Aneurysmal Bone Cyst


Case 6

J.F. - 51 year old female complains of left knee pain and swelling over the last four months, she feels that the swelling is getting worse



Case 7

S.J. - 53 year old female with left small finger discomfort over the past two years after jamming her finger while loading wood, her discomfort worsened six months ago and she noticed some swelling in the area



Case 8

N.L. - 3 year old female with right calf mass; she denies any pain, her mother noticed it four weeks ago



Case 9

R.T. - 15 year old female noticed left dorsal foot mass two months ago; it is slightly tender to touch and bothers her with full plantar flexion, she also noticed some discoloration of the skin in the area



Case 10

G.O. - 75 year old male with a right upper arm mass for 25 years; the mass never bothered him until a few months ago when he began having intermittent discomfort, he does not think the mass has grown recently



Case 11

K.T. - 28 year old female with intermittent left hip pain for several years; she began having more frequent and intense pain a few months ago, prompting her to seek treatment