Case 1

25 year old male with six months left shin pain that wakes him up at night, worse with activity, better with Aleve

Osteoid Osteoma


Case 2

56 year old female presents with increased swelling two years after curettage and bone grafting left small finger lesion

Recurrent Chondrosarcoma


Case 3

44 year old female with one year worsening left shoulder pain, worse at night or with activity

Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma


Case 4

15 year old boy with left elbow mass for five years that has increased in size over the last few months as well as becoming more painful

Synovial Sarcoma


Case 5

28 year old male with progressive right hip pain for one year



Case 6

12 year old presents with lump over right 5th digit, has a history of acute lymphocytic leukemia that is in remission for seven years, status post bone marrow transplant after whole body irradiation

Fibroma of Tendon Sheath


Case 7

67 year old with mass anteromedial to left shoulder that has grown over last few months

High Grade Sarcoma


Case 8

81 year old male status post fall with right hip pain

Multiple Myeloma


Case 9

50 year old male with slowly enlarging mass medial left knee, first noticed six months ago

Giant Cell Tumor of Tendon Sheath


Case 10

12 year old with left arm pain after a fall in football, pain was getting worse, not better