Case 1 - 76 year old woman with hx of foot/ankle injury in 1996 treated non-operatively had new injury 11/05 with continued pain and swelling since

Synovial Cell Sarcoma


Case 2 - 72 year old man with R hip pain since fall in 12/05

Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma - Clear Cell Type


Case 3 - 61 year old woman with left calf mass increasing in size and pain over the course of one year

Schwannoma (Neurilemmoma)


Case 4 - 74 year old man with 2-3 months of increasing R hip and leg pain as well as LBP

Paget's Sarcoma (Osteosarcoma)


Case 5 - 44 year old woman with a few years of left knee pain now with increasing pain and left thigh mass first noticed a few months prior to presentation

Alveolar Soft Parts Sarcoma


Case 6 - 49 year old man with incidental finding on bone scan done after injury to his right toe

Fibrous Dysplasia


Case 7 - 48 year old woman with years of low back pain notices a lump in her back while rubbing it a few months prior to consultation



Case 8 - 7 year old girl with five months of constant hip pain increasing in severity

Osteoid Osteoma


Case 9 - 22 year old woman c/o firm mass on rib under left breast that is increasing in size and becoming painful in the last couple of months

Low Grade Chondrosarcoma


Case 10 - 55 year old man with left distal thigh pain for last six months to a year, it is worse with activity and relieved by rest