Case 1

62 year old male with left thigh swelling, soft tissue mass x several years. Complains of size of the mass, but does not have pain in left thigh.+



Case 2

14 year old male with right shoulder pain x 1 year after a fall off a dirt-bike and multiple wrestling / sports injuries.

Periosteal Chondroma


Case 3

70 year old male with long history (30 years) of mass located over his thoracic spine. Recently began having discomfort while lying down and sitting in a chair.



Case 4

49 year old male with slow growing cystic mass over distal aspect right leg.

Eccrine Spiradenoma


Case 5

15 year old female with soft tissue mass over right hypothenar eminence. Referred by outside physician after excision of a presumed ganglion cyst.

Clear Cell Sarcoma


Case 6

15 year old male with a left foot mass x >1yr. It has recently grown in size and he has discomfort putting on hockey skates.

Giant Cell Tumor


Case 7

82 year old female with progressive right hip pain and no episodes of trauma.

Insufficiency Fracture (Osteoporosis)


Case 8

72 year old woman with right shoulder pain after a fall, she had right arm pain prior to the fall. Pertinent lab data includes a PTH of 1900. (Nl = )

Brown’s Tumor


Case 9

14 year old male with right arm pain after throwing a baseball. Patient had six months of activity related pain prior to this episode.

Epitheloid Hemangioendothelioma


Case 10

17 year old male with 1.5 year history of low back pain. Activities exacerbate pain.