Case 1

48 year old AAM with a two month history of a painful right shoulder and inability to reach overhead



Case 2

16 year old WF with eight months of right hip and groin pain, hip gives way and pain worsening

Giant Cell Tumor


Case 3

37 year old AAF with four months of right shoulder pain

Reactive Synovial Hyperplasia, Chronic Inflammation and Fibrosis


Case 4

29 year old WF with swelling right deltoid of five months duration, no history of trauma, also c/o tingling in thumb and all fingers



Case 5

45 year old WM with history of nontender mass in right thigh since 2003, he was hurt at work and is now complaining of right thigh and knee pain



Case 6

35 year old WM with right knee pain for two years, no history of trauma to the knee, pain is severe and relieved with Motrin, no improvement in right knee pain with arthroscopy one year ago, no improvement with physical therapy or intraarticular steroid injections

Osteoid Osteoma


Case 7

56 year old WM with right intermittent throbbing knee pain, four months ago he noticed a pop, pain, and swelling in his right knee while running, since then it has been swollen from knee to ankle, pain is getting worse

Extraskeletal Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma


Case 8

33 year old WF with history of pelvic pain

Fibrous Dysplasia


Case 9

77 year old WM with one year history of right elbow mass with ulceration of the skin, tingling in right small finger also noted

Spindle Cell Sarcoma


Case 10

55 year old WM with right knee pain and swelling for four years, pain is activity related, he also takes ibuprofen for his pain, and denies any locking or clicking



Case 11

17 year old WM with left hip pain and limping for seven months, pain is moderate and intermittent, worse with activity, better with rest, no night pain



Case 12

70 year old WM with right thigh mass, he injured himself while on an elliptical machine three months ago, he has swelling and dull pain in right thigh

Atypical Lipoma/Liposarcoma