Case 1

54 year old male with two year history of increasing swelling in left flank



Case 2

21 year old male with swelling and pain in left foot for six months

Synovial Cell Sarcoma


Case 3

15 year old male with swelling and pain in left forearm



Case 4

22 month old female. Parents noted swelling in right buttock



Case 5

26 year old female with ten year history of right knee pain with intermittent swelling

Synovial Osteochondromatosis


Case 6

43 year old female with pain in right knee



Case 7

68 year old female with painless mass in right forearm

Low grade Liposarcoma


Case 8

22 year old male with new onset left hindfoot pain

Giant Cell Tumor


Case 9

70 year old female with swelling of the left calf

Popliteal Cyst


Case 10

63 year old female with history of breast cancer

Metastatic Breast Cancer