Orthopaedic Bone Pathology Lab

Learn about bone tumors and gain experience with histology slides in our orthopaedic bone pathology lab.

Our bone lab processes tumors dissected from orthopaedic oncology cases. We process the tumors so they can be studied for diagnosis.

Trainee Opportunities

Orthopaedic residents at all levels of training spend time in our bone lab. Working with an orthopaedic oncology physician, trainees:

  • learn about tumor diagnosis while observing processed tissues under a microscope
  • view current and past oncology case studies with an attending pathologist

Residents can also benefit from the research support of our bone lab technician — who can assist in the process of creating histology slides — and a research associate, who can assist in data collection and preparation for clinical studies.

Resources and Equipment

Our lab is furnished with a digital, computerized orthopaedic oncology archive with thousands of patient case histories.

We work with chemicals and equipment necessary for processing the tumors, such as saws, diamond cutters, chemicals, microscopes and a computer to catalog specimens.

Specifically, our equipment includes:

  • AO Spencer 820 microtome for smaller specimens
  • Reichert-Jung Sliding microtome for larger specimens
  • Polycut E microtome
  • X-ray machine
  • bandsaw
  • Shandon Autosharp 5 — knife sharpener
  • Olympus Vanox-S

Developments by Former Department Chair

Our bone laboratory was developed by Eugene Mindell, MD, professor emeritus and former chair of the Department of Orthopaedics

As an additional resource for residents, Mindell has a web archive for images of musculoskeletal oncology.


Eighth floor, Building C
Buffalo General Medical Center
100 High Street, Buffalo NY 14203


McGrath, Brian

Amherst Health Center 4949 Harlem Road Amherst, NY 14226

Phone: (716) 204-3217

Email: bem4@buffalo.edu


  • Mary Bayers-Thering, MBA, research associate
  • Peggy DiCarlo, lab technician