University at Buffalo Concussion Management Clinic

John J. Leddy, MD, and Barry S. Willer, PhD.

If you train in our department, you may have opportunities to engage in studies with John J. Leddy, MD (right), and Barry S. Willer, PhD, who are at the forefront of cutting-edge research and evidence-based findings related to concussion treatment.

Our concussion management clinic provides evaluation and treatment for concussion and post-concussion syndrome. 

Our internationally recognized experts are the most experienced in Western New York for treating patients with sports-related concussion, traumatic brain injuries and various concussion symptoms through the development of research, care, baseline testing, treatment and a safe return-to-activity program that fits the individual.

Our scientifically validated concussion treatment approach safely and effectively reduces symptoms and returns patients to their usual activities. Our exercise-based concussion protocol with computerized cognitive testing is carefully constructed specifically to each patient. 

We have the most comprehensive program for concussion treatment in Western New York.

Trainee Opportunities

We enable trainees to perform studies and publish clinical research data. We have learning opportunities for:

Resources and Equipment

We are equipped with physiological testing equipment including a treadmill and recumbent cycle.

Our instruments for measuring cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology are:

  • electrocardiograms
  • Biopac system
  • spirometer
  • transcranial doppler
  • blood lactate analyzer
  • capnograph


We are located in a 9878-square-foot clinical and laboratory facility with a 4196-square-foot physical therapy unit. Our clinical space contains eight examination rooms, two interview rooms, a wireless portable electronic medical record and data system, an X-ray unit, automatic external defibrillator, conference room and a large concussion physiology laboratory. 

We conduct our experiments in separate rooms within the physical therapy unit; our conference room is attached to this facility. 


160 Farber Hall
Buffalo, NY 14214


Director, Concussion Management Clinic

Leddy, John

111 North Maplemere #100 Amherst, NY 14228 Buffalo, NY 14221

Phone: (716) 204-3200


Faculty and Staff

  • Barry S. Willer, PhD, director of research
  • Andrea Hinds, PhD, research coordinator
  • John Baker, PhD, neuropsychologist
  • M. Nadir Haider, MD, MBBS, research assistant
  • Scott Dinse, PT
  • Blair Johnson, PhD
  • Jeffrey C. Miecznikowski, PhD